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Author:  Thol [ Tue Nov 12, 2019 11:45 pm ]
Post subject:  RP Introduction

-Last missive sent by King Terenas Menethil II before his untimely death at the hand of his treasonous son.
Our headquarters are in Southshore, the last bastion of Lordaeron, although we accept anyone from the following factions as well:

-The 7 human factions of Lordaeron, from left to right: Alterac, Kul Tiras, Scarlet Crusade, Lordaeron, Arathor, Gilneas and Dalaran.

Alterac: Although the corrupt nobles of Alterac betrayed the alliance of Lordaeron during the second war, we accept Alterac citizens wanting to redeem themselves.

Kul Tiras: Although Kul Tiras left the alliance of Lordaeron after the death of Daelin proodmoure, we accept sailors who stayed on the mainland.

Scarlet Crusade: Although it's hard to trust these zealots, our goals are ultimately aligned and we're willing to work with them.

Lordaeron: The main forces we have left, making a last stand at Southshore.

Arathor: The Stromgarde survivors are stalwart allies and we welcome them with open arms.

Gilneas: Although they cowered behind their wall while the rest of Lordaeron was getting destroyed we still accept those who might have stayed outside the shameful wall.

Dalaran: Although the city is closed to all at the moment, we still count them as allies.

Wildhammer clan: We have allied ourselves with these proud dwarves and are helping each other to defend our borders.

Silvermoon: Although they left the Lordaeron alliance after the defilement of their sunwell and the death of their king at the hand of the traitor, we're still trying to convince them to join our cause, to no avail so far.

We do not accept high elves in the guild since they're not playable in Classic.

We accept all races except night elves since they have no claim to Lordaeron.

Your character must be in some way connected to pre-Scourge Lordaeron.

We accept all classes except warlocks and shadow priests for lore reasons, we're not going to team up with people wielding the same powers that destroyed our homeland.

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